Empowering the Future: ECD Opportunities for Young Teachers


The early childhood development (ECD) sector plays a vital role in shaping the future of our children, and yet, it faces numerous challenges, including a shortage of qualified teachers.

To address this issue, a remarkable initiative has been launched to recruit and train approximately 2,800 young individuals to become fully trained and qualified ECD teachers.


This program is specifically designed for young people who have completed their matriculation from a school in Gauteng, are residents of Gauteng, and are under 35 years old.

The aim is to empower these individuals with comprehensive training and place them in registered and compliant ECD centers, ensuring that each center has at least one fully trained and qualified ECD teacher.


By supporting the ECD sector, this program not only creates valuable job opportunities for the youth but also contributes to improving the quality of early education.

The program’s focus on training and empowering young people ensures their professional growth and success in the education sector.


To apply, interested individuals can complete the application form by scanning the QR code or clicking on the provided link. The required documents include certified copies of Grade 12/NQF Level 4 Senior Certificate, certified copy of ID, and proof of residence.

For more information, please visit the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) website at (link unavailable) This initiative is a significant step towards supporting the ECD sector and empowering young people to become qualified ECD teachers.

Let’s spread the love and encourage our youth to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!


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