The Role of a Cellular & Direct Deliveries Administrator

In the intricate web of retail operations, ensuring the seamless flow of cellular device deliveries and returns is paramount.

Enter the Cellular & Direct Deliveries Administrator, a pivotal role tasked with the precise monitoring, analysis, and reporting of all direct cellular device deliveries and returns processed by stores.

Let’s delve into the core responsibilities, qualifications, and skills essential for this dynamic position.


Reporting and Analysis:

Delivering monthly reports to management on direct deliveries, stock adjustments, and cellular returns deviations.

Conducting financial analysis to identify and address discrepancies in direct deliveries, cellular returns, and supplier credits.
Providing management with insightful analytics to optimize operational efficiencies.


Vigilantly monitoring store and supplier compliance regarding direct deliveries and cellular returns.
Generating accurate reports on deviations from established processes.
Participating in internal and external audits to ensure adherence to compliance standards.

Customer Services:

Maintaining effective communication with key internal and external stakeholders.
Providing timely updates on stock adjustments and returns processed to relevant parties.
Collaborating with different departments to streamline stock adjustment and returns processes.


Liaising with stores to confirm the receipt and processing of direct deliveries and cellular returns.
Investigating and rectifying any discrepancies in transactions.
Coordinating with suppliers for any necessary proof of delivery and resolving variances.
Direct Store Delivery Stock Adjustments:

Reviewing all direct deliveries receipted by stores and investigating any discrepancies.
Processing and releasing stock adjustments to rectify variances.


Grade 12 Certificate / Matric
2-4 years’ experience as a finance administrator or similar
Minimum 2 years’ experience in financial analysis and report writing

Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or similar
Experience with inventory flow, stock adjustments, and control
Previous experience within a Retail / Finance / Financial services environment

Financial acumen
Analysis and report writing
Proficiency in MS Office
Problem-solving abilities
Strong analytical skills
Detail-oriented approach
Excellent written and verbal communication
Strong interpersonal skills
Ability to operate in a deadline-driven environment
Capability to work both independently and as part of a team


In the fast-paced realm of retail, the Cellular & Direct Deliveries Administrator stands as a beacon of efficiency and accuracy.

By meticulously monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on direct cellular device deliveries and returns, this role ensures the smooth functioning of crucial operational processes.

With a blend of qualifications, skills, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, individuals in this role contribute significantly to the success of the organization.


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