Title: “Empowering South African Educators: ORT SA CAPE’s Accredited ECD Learnership”

In the pursuit of nurturing early childhood development (ECD) and foundational learning skills, ORT SA CAPE offers a Level 4 ECD SETA accredited learnership.

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This program is designed to equip aspiring South African teachers with the essential knowledge and skills required to foster a love for learning in young children, ultimately contributing to the future success of the nation.

The ORT SA CAPE ECD Learnership provides a comprehensive training experience, ensuring participants gain a diverse range of knowledge and skills vital for a successful career in education.

The organization, committed to producing quality South African educators, tailors its learnership to meet individual needs and provides continuous support to all participants.


Prospective learners can delve into the specifics of the ORT SA CAPE ECD Learnership through a detailed guide, covering the application process and highlighting the numerous benefits awaiting successful graduates.

About the ORT SA CAPE ECD Learnership:

Focused on Early Childhood Development, the program offers courses covering fundamental learning basics for young children. With options ranging from short courses to 18-month comprehensive classes, participants can enhance their skills in literacy, numeracy, learning through play, perceptual skills, and even coding and robotics. All training is SETA-accredited, reinforcing its credibility.

ORT SA CAPE envisions that this initiative will not only enhance employment prospects for the unemployed but also contribute to producing ECD practitioners with recognized qualifications.

Qualifications for ORT SA CAPE ECD Learnership:

To be eligible for participation, applicants must meet specific requirements, including being a legal South African citizen at the time of application. The program is open to both employed and unemployed individuals, fostering equal opportunities. Participants must commit to full-time training, exhibit a passion for educating and assisting young children, and possess a clean criminal record.

Submission of the following documents is required for application:


Grade 12 certification

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Copies of relevant qualifications

Latest CV

Motivational letter

Adhering to these requirements is crucial for a successful application, as failure to do so may result in rejection. Join ORT SA CAPE in the journey to becoming an empowered and qualified ECD practitioner, contributing to the educational landscape of South Africa


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