FNB, also known as First National Bank, is one of the leading financial institutions in South Africa.
They offer a wide range of banking and financial services, and their continued growth has led to a variety of job opportunities for people from different backgrounds and skillsets.
One such opportunity is the administrative role that is open for candidates who have completed grade 12.

Administrative roles are crucial in any organization as they ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations.

Administrative staff performs a wide range of tasks such as handling calls, managing emails, organizing meetings, and maintaining records. They are the backbone of any organization and help to maintain a professional environment in the workplace.


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If you have completed grade 12 and are looking for a job in administration, then you should consider applying for the administrative role at fnb. Here are some reasons why this could be a great opportunity for you:

  1. Opportunity for growth: FNB is a large organization, and they offer a wide range of opportunities for career growth and development. Starting as an administrative assistant, you could work your way up the ranks and eventually take on more senior roles in the organization.
  2. Competitive salary and benefits: FNB offers a competitive salary and benefits package to its employees. This includes medical aid, retirement benefits, and bonuses.
  3. Exposure to the banking industry: Working at FNB will give you the opportunity to gain exposure to the banking industry, learn about banking products and services, and develop a better understanding of the financial industry.
  4. Skills development: As an administrative assistant at FNB, you will have the opportunity to develop your administrative and organizational skills. You will also have the opportunity to learn about different software and systems that are used in the banking industry.
  5. Working in a professional environment: FNB has a professional work environment and is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Working at FNB will provide you with the opportunity to work with a team of professionals who are committed to excellence and integrity.

To apply for the administrative role at FNB, you will need to have completed grade 12 and have a good understanding of administrative tasks. You will also need to have strong communication and organizational skills, and be able to work well under pressure. Additionally, you will need to have good computer skills and be proficient in Microsoft Office applications.

In conclusion, the administrative role at FNB is a great opportunitFNB is a great opportunity for individuals who have completed grade 12 and are looking to start their careers in administration. It provides an opportunity for growth, skills development, and exposure to the banking industry.

FNB offers a competitive salary and benefits package, and a professional work environment. If you are interested in applying for the role, you can visit the FNB careers website or speak to a recruitment consultant for more information link here.

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