Do you enjoy working with people and figures? Do you enjoy being social and handling administration? If you’re good in these fields and meet all the conditions as set out by the agency also SASSA Learnerships might be suited for you.

SASSA is the South African Social Security Agency. This agency of Government opened its doors in 2005 to regulate and control the distribution of social subventions. Their main functions are to insure the right people admit social subventions of sufficient quantities at a specified time and in an area or system that’s fluently accessible by each person.

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There are further than 16 million people throughout South Africa who entered social subventions yearly. These subventions are issued to people who are in need of fiscal aid, it includes the senior, disability and child support. SASSA handles the entire process from operation to payment. This includes vindicating information, blessing, and discovery along with the forestallment of fraud.

SASSA Learnerships Available
SASSA has a limited quantum of learnership fields for you to consider. Then’s a list of their learnership career fields below, still, there may be other fields not mentioned, and formerly operations open these will be announced on the SASSA Website.
Learnership career fields

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Supply Chain Management
Disability Management
Public Administration
Learnerships made available by SASSA will be for a 12- month duration unless else quested. Every learnership provides a yearly allowance, yet, you’ll be responsible for your own transport, refections, and accommodation. Learnerships handed by SASSA doesn’t guarantee a endless position but if there’s an opening in this Government Department they may offer it to meritorious campaigners upon completion of their learnership.
SASSA Learnerships Conditions
To apply for learnerships delivered by SASSA, you must meet all their conditions. Then’s a list of the introductory reservations you must meet to be eligible.
Basic SASSA conditions

You must be a citizen of South Africa
aspirants must be no youngish than 18 and no aged than 35
You must be in possession of a valid Matric instrument
aspirants must retain a legal ID document
You must have a parchment or degree in your field of operation where applicable
ITC checks will be performed on all qualifying aspirants, as well as felonious checks. There will be apre-screening process done on all named campaigners. This includes vetting of all academic results, referral letters, recommendations, and more. If demanded a faculty assessment may be needed and this is mandatory. aspirants with a disability are invited to apply in their field if a learnership becomes available. These aspirants must supply a medical instrument stating the disability.

SASSA Learnerships Application
SASSA learnerships operations online aren’t available. You can download the Z83 Government form for operations and use the learnership reference number to apply. Once learnerships open you can complete the form and along with all needed attestation. For available learnership openings, you can look at the announcements on the SASSA Careers Page.

All needed documents must be certified clones, please don’t submit the originals as they won’t be returned. You must also attach a class vitae, motivational letters, and all academic qualifications, plus a dupe of your ID document. Posted or faxed operations won’t be considered. operations without attestation or that arrive late, or is deficient will also not be looked at.

SASSA Learnerships ending Date
SASSA learnerships generally close during the month of September, this date may change. thus, it’s stylish to first confirm on their point or learnership announcement for closing dates. For further information about this Government Department visit the SASSA Website.

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