As an oil company, this company’s main services revolve around the refinement of crude oil, since they are engaged in the oil refining industry. Their extensive retail network enables them to distribute a wide range of petroleum products throughout the country.

Its products include fuel for motor vehicles, planes, boats, and industrial vehicles, as well as bitumen, chemical products, and many other types of special products and chemicals that can be used in motor vehicles.

There are over 20 countries where they have operations, and they export their products to more than 30 countries as well. In addition to Engen learnerships, offers a variety of courses in a range of fields.

Engen Learnerships Available In

Fields available for learnerships:

  • Instrumentation
  • as Fitter
  • Electrician
  • Occupational Hygienist
  • Credit Management pro
  • Instrument Technician
  • Supply Chain newbie
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Safety Manager newbie
  • Land Transport Safety
  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems online

In return, the company offers its successful candidates a full-time 12-month learnership program that includes a monthly stipend. The learnership program does not guarantee a permanent position, and transportation, meals, and lodging are not included.

Requirements for Engen Learnership

In order to be eligible for a learnership with Engen, individuals must meet all the requirements that are described below. In order to qualify, candidates must be under the age of 24 and unemployed, in addition to being under the age of 24. We have listed some of the rules and stipulations here. However, there may be others as well, and they will be listed on their website and in their application as soon as their learnership program opens for applications.

As a basic stipulation, the following may be included:

  • It is required that candidates possess a valid form of identification

  • The applicant must possess a matriculation or Grade 12 diploma

  • The applicant must possess a diploma or degree in the field of application

  • The candidate must have studied Physical Science and Pure Mathematics

  • In addition to being able to work well with others, candidates must be able to work well in a team environment

  • Applicants must possess superior problem-solving skills

Work at Engen is in many areas are also high-risk and candidates who apply must be willing to accept this risk also if they apply.

Application For Engen Learnership

When Engen opens this program yearly, online applications will be available. The Engen Website has more details about the company and the application under Graduate Opportunities on their Careers Page. During the learnership program, Engen will make a shortlist of potential candidates and only those candidates will be contacted. In the month or two after the application deadline, candidates who don’t hear back from Engen can assume they didn’t get the job.
We would like to remind applicants that they should only send certified copies of all documentation and not the originals, as these cannot be returned. The addition of reference letters, a brief bio, and a CV adds value to the application. The application does not guarantee acceptance into the program, however.

Closing Date Of Engen Learnerships

The closing dates for Engen’s internships are around the middle of November or the middle of December every year. The closing dates for the different operations of this company may also have been altered by this company. It is imperative that candidates ensure that they complete the application form in full and that all the required documentation is attached to the application form. It is not possible to look at learnership applications that are late or that do not contain all the necessary information and documents.

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