Learnerships in Correctional Services from 2023

Every year the government offers people from different communities the chance to participate in Correctional Services learnership programs. These programs are part of a national strategy to build skills and reduce poverty and unemployment.

DCS Learnerships are open for eligible people with the qualifications needed to study for the FET Certificate in the Corrections Services Learnership (NQF Level 4).

As a learner, you will get both theoretical and practical training on how to help rehabilitate prisoners.

Trainees may participate in correction training in inhumane and secure detention centers or community-based correctional supervision.

This Correction Services Learnership will teach you the skills and provide you with the knowledge, positive work values, and attitudes that are required in the correctional services. Learners will receive a monthly stipend of R3,500 while they are on the learnership.

Requirements for Correctional Services Learnership

There are some certain requirements for being accepted into this Correctional Services learnership:

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa in order to apply for this learnership

  • You must possess a certificate of completion for Standard 10/Grade 12

  • Have a NQF (Level 4) Further Education and Training Certificate;

  • The National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4) has been successfully completed

Other Requirements Needs

  • The applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 35

  • Criminal records aren’t allowed (if you’re facing a criminal case, let us know when you apply.)

  • Your character needs to be strong

Candidates with additional qualifications such as a Trade or Occupational-based Certificate, Diploma or Degree related to Security/Corrections will be given preference.

Travelling to work from your home or to another location is necessary and any flexible work hours put into a schedule will not be compensated.

FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership in DCS 22-23

This is an outcomes-based learning, which is a legally binding contract between you, your employer, and the education service provider.

The Learnership Programme is for a period of one year (1 year) and consists of:

Theory will make up about 30% of the training. DCS will specify an accredited DCS college for this instructional training.


  • Physical training and firearms instruction will be an integral part of the theoretical training.
  • Training is mandatory, so you’ll be at the Training College full-time.
  • During the training period, all training materials, including accommodation, meals, a uniform (fieldwear and tracksuit), and all training materials are provided free of charge to successful applicants.

Workplace Training

Practical workplace (on-the-job) training is used for the remaining 70% of the training at the correctional and social reintegration centers/units.

  • In this part of the training, the trainee will be responsible for providing rehabilitation and security to offenders.
  • During this part of the training, learners get a monthly stipend but are responsible for their own lodging, food, and transportation
  • Learnerships at the Department of Correctional Services don’t pay housing allowances, housing subsidies, pension funds, medical aid, or overtime.

A FET Certificate in Corrections Services NQF 4 will be awarded to the learner once he or she successfully completes both the theoretical (instructional) and practical (workplace) phases, has successfully submitted the final Portfolio of Evidence (POE), and has been successfully verified by SASSETA.

Download the Correctional Services Forms?

  Under the Forms tab, you can find the e-DCS website at www.dcs.gov.za

Please take note of the following:

  • We will not be able to accept applications that are late or unsigned
  • Please note that photocopied forms will not be accepted
  • There will be no acceptance of faxed or emailed forms

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