Paramedics play an important role in the healthcare industry. They are usually responsible for providing emergency medical care in outdoor environments, as part of a team that is dispatched with an ambulance.

This can include responding to home emergencies, road accidents, and other situations where people need urgent medical attention. Often times, paramedics are called upon when people cannot get to a hospital due to the severity of their condition.

Paramedic learnerships are quite popular and highly sought-after by health industry companies in South Africa.

The profession has developed significantly since its humble beginnings in the 1970s when ambulances were first used to transport sick and injured people to hospitals. Nowadays, paramedics are better trained and seen as mobile nurses who provide vital care during emergencies.”

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Each call that paramedics receive will be different from the previous or next one. That’s why it’s important for EMS professionals to have experience in managing cardiac arrest, resuscitation, essential treatments for internal and external damage, medication, delivering babies, and mental health issues.

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This field of study provides students with the skills necessary to work as paramedics. Many of the programs offered can be completed in one or two years and include both theoretical and practical training.

Paramedics are responsible for responding to emergency calls, providing medical care, transportation, and more. It is a career that has the potential to change and save lives.

Latest Health Care Learnerships

Available learnerships:

  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Care Worker
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Consultant Paramedic

Requirements for Paramedic Learnerships

If you would like to apply for a paramedic learnership, please be sure that you meet all the requirements stipulated by the company. A basic list of these requirements is provided below. Please note that if you do not meet all the requirements, you are not eligible to apply.


  • You must be a citizen of South Africa with a valid ID book or document proving this citizenship.
  • You must have completed your Grade 12 education and hold a Matric certificate with at least 50% average marks in order to qualify.
  • In addition, you must have passed English, Mathematics & Physical Science subjects on level 4 (NGF) with at least 40% marks in each subject area.

When applying, applicants must submit their CV as well as all academic results, copy of ID or proof or citizenship along with the application form itself which should be filled out completely and accurately .

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