Having a large group of friends means that you should know who the good and terrible ones are. Sadly, today’s young people are more likely to spend their lives with fake friends than with genuine ones, a choice they will come to deeply regret when anything of spiritual significance occurs in their lives.

Most people visit various Sangomas under the guise of being ill, only to learn that they have been dosed with “Isichitho.”

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A sangoma uploaded a video on YouTube outlining the importance of identifying and communicating with your life’s adversaries. The man says that you should visit an expert if you want to know for sure, because failing to meet your life halfway can have dire consequences.

You may think you have pals, but in the end, it’s the ones who know your secrets and take advantage of your situation that damage you. Caution, Sangoma urged, was the best policy before committing any fatal blunders.

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