Many people worry that their favorite celebrity may die penniless, and this has led to a variety of misconceptions about the business and the spending habits of famous people.

While they were alive, most famous people who ended up dead poor never gave the impression that they were struggling financially.

A few have voiced concerns about famous people’s tendency to spend lavishly without giving much thought to the future. Some have said that the superstars are merely mesmerized into giving in to the industry’s pressures and temptations.

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Some deceased celebrities are quickly deemed “outdated,” and for whatever reason, this trend appears to be growing.

Here is a list of famous people who passed away without leaving a will or any means of financial support for their loved ones.

1. Lundi Tyamara

Lundi passed away in the first month of this year. At his passing, he was penniless and without a place to call home. The owner of the townhouse Lundi was renting in Mondeor, Johannesburg’s south, evicted him despite the fact that he had sold millions of CDs and made millions of rands in gigs and royalties. After being evicted, Lundi desperately asked a female acquaintance via WhatsApp to lend him R950 so that he could pay the storage charge for his belongings at a location he did not specify.

2. Brown Dash

Sadly, Brown Dash left us in May of 2012. One rumor had him residing in a commune in Melville, west of Johannesburg; he was a Kwaito musician. With nothing save the clothing he was wearing, Brown Dash was a pedestrian and a destitute man when he passed away. When he passed away, his fellow musicians got together to pay him a decent burial.

3. Brenda Fassie

South African afropop star who earned the title “Queen of African Pop.” In 2004, she sadly passed away. Bongani, her son, has claimed to be in financial trouble despite having received a substantial quantity of money from his mother. Brenda’s drug use and subsequent poverty were both directly related to her untimely death. After a protracted court struggle, her family forked up all of her career earnings.

4. Pro Kid

Prokid, whose given name was Linda Mkhize, died in the arms of his longtime lover Mandisa Mbanjwa. The couple had been together for nearly a year. Prokid passed away in August 2018 from a very unusual case of stomach bleeding. Because of Prokid’s extreme poverty, the government paid for his burial expenses.

5. Mandoza

On September 18, 2016, Mandoza passed away. His family says he was blinded and suffering from pharyngeal cancer when he passed away. Despite his family’s best efforts, many people continue to assume that Mandoza died impoverished and left no evidence of his wealth.

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