Right now, there are a lot of job opportunities in Africa. This is because the economies of many African countries are growing and the political situations are mostly stable.

The following five African countries have the highest salaries, according to Numbeo, which is the world’s largest collection of user-submitted data about cities and countries.

1. Libya
Libya stands out because its middle-class income is the highest in all of Africa. Even though there has been political instability and security for a long time,

After taxes, the average Libyan salary is $1,713.77 per month.

Because Libya has a low cost of living, it can be very rewarding to work there. The government gives a lot of money to help pay for things like flour, water, and gas. Not only is rent cheap, but a lot of other things are too.

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The World Bank thinks that Zambia’s economy will grow by an average of 7.3% per year between 2000 and 2014. But Zambia’s economy hasn’t grown because of political instability.

Even so, the average income in Zambia is only $1,482.22 per month, and the cost of living is also low.

Each person has a GDP of $1607.36.

3.South Africa

South Africa, which is the mining hub of Africa, is included. Numbeo says that after taxes, the average salary in South Africa is $1,188.89.

Even though white people still have the best lives in the country, everyone can have a great time there.


Namibia’s economy is based on the mining and processing of minerals for export. Half of all export earnings come from the mining industry, which makes up 11.5% of the GDP. Even though the current economic downturn is caused by changes in the prices of commodities around the world, the average wage in Namibia is still $753.73.


Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean that is known for its beautiful lagoons, beaches, and coral reefs. The economy keeps growing and is one of the most competitive in Africa.

The World Bank says that Mauritius is the best place in Africa for doing business. The country’s low tax rates and average income of $666.66 draw people from other countries.

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