It has been argued that poverty is largely mental. In my perspective, the statement can never be considered a lie. Alter the way you think about things and how you see things, study books, and continue to educate yourself every day, and you will fully understand this notion.

Your life might be completely derailed by harmful habits, such as being too lazy to fulfill the duties you are aware of. If you engage in three of these behaviors, you put yourself at jeopardy of falling into financial hardship.

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1) You take 0 responsibility

Blaming your financial issues on external events like:

• Your boss
• The economy
• The government

Will get you nowhere.

This “victim mindset” is the true obstacle keeping you poor.

Take responsibility for:

• Your actions
• Your finances
• Your happiness

Accept where you’re at and take steps to change it.

Until you realize this, you’ll remain poor.

2) You ignore learning about money

To make money, you must first learn how it works.

Set up a budget:

• Cut back on unnecessary expenses
• Track your spending
• Invest extra income

It takes discipline, but doing so will take you from rags to riches.

3) You over consume

Wasting your money on:

• Car loans
• Expensive clothes
• Subscription services

Brings short-term pleasure.

But long-term debt and suffering…

Learn how to spend your money intentionally.


• 50% for needs
• 30% for wants
• 20% to pay off debt or invest

You’ll grow financially and enjoy life WITHOUT going broke.

4) You’re spending, not investing

The key to wealth is investing in high ROI assets:

• Build an online business
• Invest in stocks/crypto
• Invest in real estate

Average people work for money.

Wealthy people make it work for them.

Build or stay poor forever.

5) You identify as “Poor”

Your identity is based largely on your beliefs.

Some are empowering.
Some are self-defeating.

A common belief of the poor is “victim mentality.”

You can’t get rich unless you take your destiny into your own hands.

You may not be “rich” right now,

But you are capable of:

• Learning skills
• Taking courses
• Finding mentors
• Building a business

Take consistent action and results are guaranteed.

6) You lack discipline

Poor people mindlessly pay for:

• Sugar
• Junk food
• Video games

It’s cheap and satisfying.
But the rich understand the power of delayed gratification.

They delay short-term pleasures for long-term gain.

If you want to be rich, play the long game.

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