When I started my freelance copywriting, I was nervous as hell.

People called me:

– lazy
– dumb
– a failure bc I didn’t have a degree

Most thought those reasons would make me fail and I’d go back to my 8 to 5.

Not true.

And here’s why…

The freelance copywriting world is open to everyone.

Your background and education don’t really matter.

Anyone can start.

With the right guidance and steps, anyone can succeed too.

Here are 10 reasons why you will:

#1 There are millions of potential clients

According to Oberlo, 5.4 MILLION businesses were launched in 2021 alone.

Plus, thousands launch up each day. There are MILLIONS of potential clients for you.

All you need is the right system to reach out and close them.

#2 Reaching $100k/year is doable

To reach 100k, it’s $8,333/month for a year.

Businesses will pay you $2.5 – $5k/month to write for them. You just need 1-3 clients per month to reach 6-figures.

You just need the right system to achieve this.

#3 Starting is simple

Begin with the basics

– a niche
– a list of leads
– a fake portfolio
– an outreach system
– a social media platform

Create a small folder of writing samples you can send to leads in your niche by using your outreach system. (social media)

You don’t need a website, logo, brand colors, or fancy slogan to start.

If you have these 5 foundations, you can begin your freelancing journey as soon as TODAY.

Countless 6-figure copywriting businesses were launched with the basics.

#4 People dumber than you are succeeding

Writing is a skill you can hone and improve.

I know people who claim to be total dummies, but are successful, well-paid writers.


They show up each day, hone their skills, and choose to improve every day.

#5 You’ll have an in-demand skill

If you can write copy well, you’ll never run out of work.

If you can make a biz money, then you’ll always make money.


Businesses needing sales will never go away.

Therefore, you’ll always be in need.

#6 It costs $0 to start


– crazy investments
– startup costs

As long as you have:

– Google docs
– an email
– a social media page

You’re set to go.

You begin right away with no risk.

#7 Freelance copywriting is a freedom builder

When you gain momentum and understand how to acquire clients and deliver…

You can optimize your systems, which will help scale your income even more.

Do it right and you’ll work for less but earn far more.

#8 You can make money fast

*note: I did NOT say it’s easy*

You can learn how to:

– write copy
– reach out to clients
– deliver quality work
– land your first well-paying client

….in just 30-60 days.

Do it once, and you’ll understand the system to get clients regularly.

#9 You can improve your skills fast

When you actively:

– study great writers
– get feedback
– write daily

You can go from a complete novice to a confident writer quickly.

Your potential is limitless.

You just need to begin.

#10 You’re allowed to be bad at first

Know most successful writers started exactly where you are.


– No experience
– No samples
– No direction

And that’s 100% okay.

As long as you take action, stay patient, and show up each day — you’ll improve.

That’s a guarantee.

#11 You can learn every day for free

Youtube is free.

Podcasts are free.

Social media is free.

The resources to improve your copy skills are abundant.

You simply need to start and stay disciplined each day. – Francis

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