1. Canva Templates

Create the template once and use it for all your projects.

Go to canva create some marketing, ads, or social media templates and sell it on Fiverr. Create a template for specific Fiverr services like if it’s social media then make it to social media etc.

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2. Ebook editing or formatting

Writing an entire ebook is burdensome but formatting it isn’t. Your work will just format the sentences and make the ebook look like an ebook.

You need a bit of knowledge about ebooks and that’s all. Tools you can use for free to format your client’s ebooks are: Kindle, and blurb.

3. User Testing

The user tester is responsible for testing your product to give you feedback if the product is working or not.

User testing isn’t something you can’t do. You can by just learning about the working flow and that’s all. You can rank here easily because only 500+ people are providing this service.

4. WordPress services

Just Needs a basic knowledge of WordPress.

> Some of the easy services can be

  • Website creation services
  • Website Migration or cloning services
  • WordPress Error Fixing service
  • A service to speed up a WordPress website
  • WordPress SEO services

5. Virtual Assistant

Because you have time you can do this better than anyone. It’s an easy gig because it requires less knowledge and effort.

Virtual assistant types:

  • Social media manager
  • Blog manager
  • Content updater
  • Admin work
  • And MS office work

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