I used to be unable to finish even one book in a year, but now I’m on track to finish fifty by the time 2022 rolls around…

How to Do It:

1. Start small

You cannot become an avid reader over night

Start by trying to read 5-10 pages a day consistently

And each successful week add 5-10 pages on top of that

Before you know it, you will start to read a book every 2-4 weeks

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2. Read Enjoyable Books

The worst thing you can do is force yourself to read a book you simply have no interest in.

Find books on subjects that fascinate you and are enjoyable

It’s best to have a variety of options:

• Business
• Self-development
• Fiction
• Psychology

3. Read Before Bed

A fantastic habit I have picked up is reading before bed

Getting into this habit has made me look forward to reading books as it is a relaxing and productive habit.

Leave out 30-40m before your bed time to docus on the book and enjoy it.

4. Use any time to your Advantage

Even small 10-20m blocks throughout the day can be great.

If you use Kindle, you can read from any device.

It’s best to read a few pages than:

Mindlessly Scroll social media, wasting precious time that could be better utilized.

5. Stay Consistent

I went from:

– Reading 9 Books in 2019
– Reading 20 Books in 2020
– Reading 22 Books in 2021
– Reading 43 Books so far in 2022

Stay consistent and you will start to read faster, understand better and retain more as you keep on reading.


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