If you don’t figure out how to make money while you sleep, there may come a day when you can’t get enough shut-eye because of financial concerns.

Since money is a tool, you should put your earnings toward purchasing assets. Put these eight financial strategies into action as soon as possible:

Do this ASAP

1. Avoid lifestyle creep
2. Invest to build wealth
3. Pay off consumer debt
4. Budget to cut expenses
5. Establish an emergency fund
6. Continuous financial education
7. Max out Roth IRA & 401k match
8. Increase income with investments, side hustles or side business

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If you have:

– No Budget
– No Assets
– No Investments
– No Emergency Fund

You will not have financial freedom.

4 facts schools won’t teach:

– Inflation is ~9.1%
– The average savings account pays 1% interest
– Money sitting in a bank is losing value due to inflation
– The stock market has returned over 1,300,000% in the last 96 years

You can’t “save” yourself to wealth, you must invest!

Budget and make a plan to reduce expenses:

Creating a budget can help you better track your money. Not having a budget can make it difficult to know where you are spending your money, or difficult to have control over your spending in general.

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