There was a surge of misleading posts and tweets that went viral on social media, claiming that the government would pay a reward to anyone who reported a house that included a Pitbull.

This became popular after the government of South Africa instituted regulations that prohibited the breeding of pit bulls.

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Recent years have seen a rise in the number of incidents in which pit bulls have been responsible for attacking humans across South Africa.

A small boy was killed during the end of September in Nelson Mandela Bay by the two pit bulls that belonged to his family.

Will you get paid for information about homes with a pit bull?

Short answer would be a bit NO.


You will NOT be given R1 500 by the South African government if you report Pit bulls to them. There have been no legislative moves in this area as of yet, despite the fact that there are organizations of people exerting pressure on the government to take action against pit bulls and maybe their owners.

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