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1. Be a ‘top-level asker.’

Most people are too scared to ask important, higher-status or more good-looking people for things.

They don’t want to feel the sting of rejection, and they don’t believe they’ll get a yes.

But those that go far know that to get a ‘no’ doesn’t cost them anything if they can be OK with the NO.

And so they ask thirty people who are ‘out of their league’ and get one yes that ‘unfairly’ propels them.

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2. Presuppose greatness.

Here’s how 99% of the planet views success: ‘I have this thing I’d like to accomplish, and so I will set cool targets so I can work my way towards getting what I want.’

Welcome to LamesVille Alabama, population: every last asshole.

The kings of this world know that goals are not places to GET to.

They are places to COME from.

They act the part the moment they get out of bed.

They act like they already have what they want.

This will immediately propel you into the 1%.

3. Simplify daily.

A super-effective way to make life ten times harder for yourself is adding unnecessary layers of complexity.

Accumulating shit is the default for most, so you set yourself apart by bringing attention to simplicity as a daily habit – and ruthlessly cutting the fat every day.

Cut, cut and cut some more.

Apply this thinking to every aspect of your life.

Now you’re in an easy race with people carrying all their luggage, while you wear only Speedos.

4. Prioritise uncomfortable conversations.

People who stay stuck avoid saying what needs to be said.

This is most people.

Your inability to communicate keeps you imprisoned in the land of bottom feeders.

If you want to gain an unfair advantage, you must be willing to say awkward things.

Reality rewards courageous communicators, whether it’s in a sales call, sharing honest online writing, making the bold ask, or telling someone they need to hit the road.

5. Be aggressively countercultural.

Those who have any intimacy with the science of success know that people who leave significant legacies never follow the crowd.

Be proactive in asking what the majority suggests is best – this is extremely useful information for you.

Now do the exact opposite.

6. Choose bigger problems.

You don’t get fewer problems when you rise up the hierarchy.

They just get seemingly ‘larger.’

Whatever you decide to do with your life, you will face challenges.

So you might as well have bigger problems.


Because the size of a problem reflects the size of the game you’re playing.

The 2% know that problems are all in the mind anyway, so they are ok with going big.

7. Create mystery.

Those who attract large followings and make a massive impact on the world are rarely predictable.

They incorporate the art of mystery into their public brand and persona.

They never give it all away and surprise everyone at every turn.

No one can guess what they will do next.

This is hugely seductive.

8. Commit to becoming elite in one thing.

This seems like heresy in a world with endless options.

It’s also why so many people are stuck and miserable.

They can’t decide, get bored too quickly, and never get great at any one thing to enjoy its fruits.

Choose something and hammer away at it with the ‘unreasonable’ and obsessive drive of a baboon on crack.

9. Biased to what’s working.

It may seem obvious, but barely anyone does this.

It’s crazy.

Be ruthlessly aware of the things that WORK in your life, and find a way to maximise those things.

If an article you wrote did exceptionally well, find a way to emulate more of that magic in future posts.

If your talents are being realised through public interviews and you suck at writing, do more interviews and put down the pen.

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