Maintaining an open mind and an awareness of what’s going on in the outside world are two of the most effective ways to make positive changes in your life. You are already doing an incredible thing by conducting some research and devoting some of your precious time to attempting to get this information.

One would want to know what to invest in before it is too late in order to assure a bright future for yourself or retire earlier than expected. This is the reason why we believe you really must make the investments listed below before you become 40 years old:

1. Invest in yourself

Be your first priority.

Focus on your health because it’s the ultimate wealth.

Stay fit;

• Mentally
• Physically
• Emotionally

Do this;

• Eat a healthy diet
• Hit the gym 7x a week
• Stay away from toxic people

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2. Invest in experience

Experiences will shape you

You should;

• Date more
• Take risks
• Travel

You’ll be ahead of 99% of people in;

• Maturity
• Confidence
• Self mastery

Bad or good, experiences boost personal progress.

3. Invest in looking great.

Being good looking is better than being good (it’s natural)

Invest in;

• A great wardrobe
• Several pairs of shoes
• Smell nice

People love it when you’re good but respect you faster when you look great.

4. Invest in a personal library

Save yourself from common beliefs by reading.

What’s common is comforting and a lie.

Spare 50 minutes of your day to read and write.

This’ll help you;

• Know how to deal with yourself better
• Understand your surrounding
• Get new ideas

Start by reading these books;

• Laws of human nature
• Art of thinking clearly
• 48 Laws of power
• The 50th Law
• Art of war
• Mastery

These books will change your thoughts.

Which book changed your life?

5. Invest in great friends

80% of your decisions are influenced by your peers

You need friends who push you to win.

Have a circle of friends who discuss more on;

• Self-improvement
• Business ideas
• Investments
• Success

Avoid friends whose conversations revolve around;

• Gossip
• Complaints
• Irrelevant news

They’ll be your greatest setback.

6. Invest in courses and mentors

School system won’t make you rich, but skills will.

Build specific knowledge, sell it online or offline.

You can learn alone but a mentor will help you learn 10x faster.

Add Internet money a source of your income.

Here’s how;

• Start a V-log
• Sell a book/guide
• Create an online course
• Have a blog and monetize
• Offer mentorship program

Don’t rely on a single source of income.

7. Invest in businesses.

Own and be part of businesses

99% of people chase money, only 1% make it.

Do this;

• Have 3+ businesses offline
• Hire experts
• Scale

The more you own, the greater the bets you can make.

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