Some popular celebrities were able to make it through challenging times thanks to the assistance of devoted followers. Before the support of their loyal fans, Zahara and a number of other musicians were on the verge of being unable to pay their bills.

Below are descriptions of the stories of Zola 7, Dr. Malinga, and Zahara.

1. Dr. Malinga

He broke down on Podcast and Chill and revealed his massive debt. The artist disclosed that he owed SARS little more than R2 million. Together with the R100,000 received through crowdfunding and assistance from local celebrities, he was able to reduce his debt to SARS and save his home.

2. Zahara

Zahara spoke out on her exploitation by South African music business producers. Zahara accused DJs like Sbu of taking advantage of her success. She informed the public that she was about to lose her home, and she enlisted the aid of anonymous good Samaritan BI Phakhathi to raise money for her.

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BI Phakhati provided bank account information for the R350 000 needed to rescue Zahara’s home. Public contributions poured in, and her home was saved.

3. Zola 7

Numerous South Africans were concerned about the well-being of the television legend and musician Zola 7. TimesLIVE adds that Zola 7 admitted to needing assistance but refused to reveal his banking information due to his pride. The public eventually assisted Zola 7, despite the musician’s reluctance to accept assistance at first.

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